Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starcraft 2

StarCraft 2 Review
So lately I've been playing SC2, and I wanted to write a review about it.

So while a sequel seemed inevitable, it also seemed problematic. With millions of fans that have been playing for over a decade, the scrutiny heaped upon StarCraft II has been nothing short of intense, and in order to satiate fans, the game would need to be better than good- better than great. It would need to be epic. And in almost every way it succeeds. It isn’t perfect, but StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty offers one of the best games in the real-time strategy genre ever made.
For those that have expunged the original’s story after so many years having passed, here’s a brief recap.  Brace yourselves, the story has had 12 years to spawn expansion packs, novels and the fertile ground of gamers’ imagination where it has grown to epic proportions.

Its a work in progress, more to come.

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