Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starcraft 2

StarCraft 2 Review
So lately I've been playing SC2, and I wanted to write a review about it.

So while a sequel seemed inevitable, it also seemed problematic. With millions of fans that have been playing for over a decade, the scrutiny heaped upon StarCraft II has been nothing short of intense, and in order to satiate fans, the game would need to be better than good- better than great. It would need to be epic. And in almost every way it succeeds. It isn’t perfect, but StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty offers one of the best games in the real-time strategy genre ever made.
For those that have expunged the original’s story after so many years having passed, here’s a brief recap.  Brace yourselves, the story has had 12 years to spawn expansion packs, novels and the fertile ground of gamers’ imagination where it has grown to epic proportions.

Its a work in progress, more to come.

Life of a gamer


            I think I am addicted. I've got to the stage where I feel that without gaming, I have nothing interesting to do.
On weekdays, I game for about five to seven hours a day and in the weekends I will spend 15 hours a day gaming online. I once spent 48 hours in one go at a game. It's crazy, I know. I was at university then and full of energy.
Sometimes I get no sleep. Ever since I started playing, my physical condition has deteriorated. I get a lot of colds as I don't really exercise.
But playing games online means that other people are playing live with you. You work as a team and it gives you a unique sense of responsibility. It's a little society.
Gaming is a serious problem in China. Many students skip school to go to internet cafes. Some of these places are huge and the atmosphere is smoky. Many people found in these places have problems with communication in the real world.
I have mixed feelings about the curbs. They might help me find different ways of passing the time. But you can get around the rules. When my time is up playing as one character, I can just continue playing as another character. So these rules won't affect the addicts.